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Lookbook March 2020

"Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity." - The Devil Wears Prada


We all know the caribbean sun can be brutal! While some of us like to flaunt our flawless makeup, sometimes we just need that extra layer of protection over our eyes. Designs By Angee Enters The Chat!

With over 10 sunglasses designs we are bound to have something to match your style! Enjoy The Eygasm!

This individual costume is stunning!!

Bling Shades - Style 1502

Blank Shades - Cat Eye Gold/Yellow

Mason Jar - Yellow Riddim & Hues

Blue has always been a top color of mine!

Bling Shades - Style 1401

Blank Shades - Butterfly Blue

Mason Jar - Gold Glitter or Blue Chunky Glitter

This color combo is everything!

Bling Shades - Style 1101 (top) or Style 1503 (bottom)

Blank Shades - Raven Orange

Mason Jar - Orange Glitter or Green Chunky Glitter

This individual costume is stunning!!

Bling Shades - Style 1001

Blank Shades - Raven Red

Mason Jar - Short Gold Trim

Disclaimer: I could not find who designed this costume

Put A Bow On It!

Moving forward, once a month, I'm going to pick a few of my favorite costumes and do a look book. Each costume will be paired with a bling shades, a blank shades, and a designed cup. Visualizing doesn't always work, but once you see them side by side, the choice is simple!

Yours In Carnival,


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